Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Aren't There Adult Lunchables?

Wednesday, I brought a lunchable to work to eat for lunch (of course...) Anyway, my coworkers tried to persuade to leave the lunchable in the refrigerator and get Baja Fresh. A supposedly "grown up" place to eat. Like any financially responsible adult that's comfortable with himself, I ate the lunchable at Baja Fresh. I was made fun of. These angry facebook rants below are just a sample:

It's a good thing I'm so mature. Did you see how I handled these haters? Haters aside, this begs the question: Why aren't there adult lunchables? The normal ones are way to small. We decided that the crackers need to be deli meat sized and instead of the fun sized candy bars, Oscar Mayer should man up and put in full sized ones.

And while we're on the subject of manning up, is that Capri Sun really filling anyone up?

A normal human can finish one of those in about 3 seconds. A few years ago, they came out with larger Capri Suns (6 seconds to finish), but they changed to flavors so those were no good. I haven't seen the larger ones in stores. It shouldn't be that difficult, although it did take them 20 years to realize that getting that straw through the top was nearly impossible.

Scientists/Oscar Mayer/Capri Sun, we're looking at you... Make the Lunchable fun again.


  1. Also love lunchables! Always there when drunk and there's a 7-11. Never bother with that fancy 'deluxe' version though, so I can't speak to the candy or capri suns.

  2. OMG. Pizza adult lunchables? Sold.

  3. What we need is a truly adult version of Lunchables. We replace those awful crackers with some nice water biscuits with herbs. The machine processed meat becomes a nice piece of summer sausage and the cheese options are limitless so long as it's not junky processed stuff. It comes in the same package, but you get a plastic knife for the cheese and meat. I left out the best part though: individual-sized boxes of wine.